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Dover Publications-Beginner's Book Of Modular Origami

Item Number: NMC161366
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DOVER PUBLICATIONS-Beginner's Book Of Modular Origami Polyhedra. Whether Or Not You're Familiar With Traditional Origami Models; You're Sure To Be Captivated By The Fun And Fascination Of Creating Abstract Geometric Forms. This Book By An Expert Paperfolder Offers A Clear; Concise Introduction To The Special Techniques For Making Beautiful; Complex Polyhedral Models. These Seventeen Projects Are Based On The Classic Platonic Solids-- The Tetrahedron; Hexahedron; Octahedron; Dodecahedron; And Icosahedron; . Folders At Every Level Of Experience--From Absolute Beginners To Old Hands--Will Appreciate The Step-By-Step Diagrams And Their Detailed Views Of The Models' Assembly. Additional Helpful Features Include Photos Of The Complete Models; Backgrounds On The Platonic Solids; And References. Authors: Rona Gurkewitz And Bennett Arnstein. Softcover; 60 Pages. Published 2008. Made In USA.